Science Field Work & Data Collection Trips

Science Field Work & Data Collection Trips in Piedmonte.

We locate and identify a range of sites where students can do hands-on field-testing & data collection in the environment. This enables students to collect primary data (biotic & abiotic) for science projects, assessments and other curriculum needs related to science, geography, ecology and environmental science. It also allows teachers to focus on their students and field science methods without having to think about organising practical logistics & worrying over the hassle of setting up real-world field experiences. Not so easy in Italy or else where! Such field sites include aquatic environments (streams, rivers & lakes), woodland, meadows, agricultural landscapes & mountain ecosystems. We set up the trips by finding suitable locations, acquiring permission and access to sites, risk assessing the areas and activities and providing health and safety instructions. We coordinate travel arrangements and practical logistics as well as evaluating weather & environmental conditions. We design practical science field trips that provide teachers and students with an opportunity to collect real data and use applied science methods in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe.