Students’ comments from 5th Graders, October 2014

For the next two days, Adam and Yenka were great guides, teachers, role models and fun to be with. take our word for it, read what some of the students had to say:
A man called Adam, not too tall with white hair, taught us that every single plant or animal is as important as something bigger. It was so exciting! Cesare (5D)
We ate breakfast in the secret cave, that was the best trip I had. David (5D)
We went to three different ecosystems: the forest, the mountain and the river. We did fun activities and I made a wild boars house with my group. Matilde (5D)
One reason that I had so much fun at Eco Wise was our guides, Adam and Yenka. They were so funny. Another reason was the food. It was delicious. I loved the dinner! Bruno (5G)
We went for a walk in the forest. We could hear birds singing and Adam could tell us what birds they were.Sara (5G)
We went into the mud and water, it was really fun. My favourite thing was building a habitat for an animal. Shahar (5G)
On the last night we did funny plays about the Count and the Countess: I was the narrator Laura (5G)
The second I stepped on the bus I knew it was going to be a superb trip learning about ecosystems, but I didn’t know the other surprises I would see look and learn… Sofia (5M)
We went to have a picnic in the castle garden. The food was delicious! Nicole (5M)
On the first day we went hiking for hours which seemed very short to me, which meant I was having fun… Lucrezia (5M)
All of us had a great time…Anna (5M)