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IMG_2080Adam Rose
Is the creator and facilitator of our programs. Adam is English and has a BSc. in environmental science from the UK and a MA in geography from the University of Hawaii, USA. He has many years of teaching experience and has written and conducted a wide range of programs for schools, universities and other groups in England, America and Italy, as well as working in the fields of environmental education, ethnobotany, ecotourism, conservation biology and human ecology.
Adam has  lectured in various Universities, where he teaches courses in Environmental Science, Environmental Ethics and The Psychology of Sustainability. He currently collaborates with The Natural History Museum of Trento (La Muse) and writes and teaches about outdoor education. He lives with his partner and two daughters in Piemonte Italy where he runs Ecowise Italy.

IMG_1372Yenka Honig
Yenka, B.S.S. M.R.S.S. A.B.T, is English and was brought up and educated in London, where she studied art, photography and dance. She worked professionally as a theatre and dance photographer for the following years while she studied traditional Chinese medicine in a series of prestigious London schools and masters. She then moved to Los Angeles where she worked with celebrities and become known as ‘The Dr. of Rock’, due to her career spent touring the world with rock bands as their alternative doctor and photographer. She moved permanently to Italy in in 2012 and joined Ecowise, where she has enriched the organization with her artistic, photographic and medical skills and her patience, humour and lively sense of fun.