Green retreats

2Our green retreats are an opportunity to get away from the stresses and pressures of daily life and withdraw into a haven of peace, beauty and natural inspiration.
They provide individuals, couples, families and small groups with an ideal environment to unwind emotionally and re-equilibrate spiritually, with wonderful accommodation and nourishing, healthy food and a flexible regime of relaxation exercises, meditation and pilgrimages to wild, magical natural spaces.
Participants will have ample opportunity to engage in their own spiritual practice and will visit special sites of natural regenerative power that foster healing, introspection and mindfulness. They will also engage in some stimulating environmental awareness exercises that help to de-stress while increasing contact with nature and re-engaging primal intuitive senses, physical awareness and sense of spiritual connection and well being.
This refreshing green retreat will immerse you in a timeless Italian landscape where you’ll find a welcoming sanctuary and a peaceful place for personal renewal, far from the chaos and hustle of the modern world.
Green retreats are available during any season. They can last from a weekend to a week, and are specifically tailored according to your needs.  Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a proposal.
“Just the time I needed to re-centre myself and have a fresh perspective on my life and future”. Miles Takamura, USA