Food, Wine & Landscape Experiences

Sensory exploration of Italian cuisine, fine wines & landscape: A hands-on food & wine tour

During this food & wine getaway we will explore the diversity and richness of Piedmont’s cuisine and wines. Piedmont is famous amongst Italians as the land of fine dining, prestigious wines and generous hospitality.  Its regional cuisine, characterized by both southern French and Mediterranean influences, is one of the most sophisticated and subtle culinary traditions in Italy. It is no coincidence that Piedmont is home to the Slow Food movement with its emphasis on quality foods that are locally grown and sustainably produced.

We have designed this food & wine course so that you are immersed in the essential ‘vita Italiana’; experiencing how Italians shop, cook, eat and celebrate life together. Participants can learn to prepare some quintessential local dishes if they want to do some hands-on cooking lessons.

IMG_0504We will tailor your getaway especially for you. We will create a personalized package that is specifically designed to feel right for you. We offer weekend and five-day getaways. You can choose what kind of activities and outings you want to make and decide how much time you want to dedicate to simply relaxing and enjoying the area’s peace and beauty. You can get involved with hands-on cooking classes, choose to explore the area and its restaurants, or else just kick-back in the shade of a pergola and unwind with a bottle of wine! If you are interested in a ‘child friendly adventure into Italian food’ please click here.

You will be staying in a romantic castle (Castello da San Sebastiano), situated on top of a hill in the countryside about 20 miles east of Torino. It has beautiful period furnished rooms, an extensive walled garden and a peaceful ambiance. We can also set up the course in a range of B&Bs in the area.

We’ll take you to visit some specialized food producers and farmers to meet the people who live for food, to see what they do and to try their specialities. We will go to various vibrant fresh-produce markets where you will be dazzled by the diversity and freshness of the vegetables, fish and meats. You can then pick the finest seasonal ingredients and return to the atmospheric Castle kitchen with our goodies to learn how to prepare & cook them under the guidance of expert chefs and local culinary experts. For those of you who are interested, we can also take a walk on the wild side and do some wild food foraging and collecting edible and medicinal herbs in the area’s unspoilt natural habitats. click here

IMG_5044If you have a sweet tooth you will probably know that some of the world’s finest chocolates, pastries and ice cream come from Turin and Piedmont. We can take you on chocolate tasting tours and to visit the best ice cream parlours to sample their delights in the heart of cities such as Torino and Asti.

We’ll visit seasonal food-themed festivals where you can eat local delicacies and experience the local celebratory atmosphere great food!. Some examples include; Monferatto truffle festivals, wine harvest festivals, wild boar festivals, chickpea festival, the Slow Food Cheese fair in Bra, polenta festival, bagna cauda festival.

We will also go to some small-scale wineries to explore their cantinas and do some hands-on wine tasting! We can find out about the meaning and value of wine in the peasant culture and rural landscape. This area produces some regional favourites such as Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo, as well as some other unusual local wines such Freisa, Grignolino and Ruché, that are little known outside of Italy, delicious and well worth trying.

This getaway is an in depth adventure into food and wine that promises to nourish your spirit, inspire you and develop your culinary skills. You will discover a deep connection with the landscape and with Italy’s sensuous vitality. You will absorb the taste and smells of this land and take a little of its essence back home with you in your heart!