Residential field trips

gal3-300x200Our exciting residential field trips provide students with an opportunity to have fun and valuable interdisciplinary learning experiences in spectacular locations. We site our trips in, or near national parks and other protected areas so that participants can enjoy some of Europe’s finest ecology, while learning about environmental issues and taking part in a range of stimulating outdoor pursuits. Our educational approach ensures that students share a deep experience that can positively influence their attitudes towards the environment while broadening their understanding of the natural world and our relationship to it.

In the areas where we conduct our trips we have selected a range of accommodation options for you to choose from; spectacular castles, remote mountain refuges and other convenient structures that conform to high environmental standards and provide quality services and resources to groups and visitors.

This is NOT your average school trip; with poor food, and characterless rooms and droll facilities. We offer incredible opportunities for students and staff to stay in luxurious rooms and enjoy high quality and locally sourced cuisine. Teachers have reported that the trip was like going on holiday and they found the experience revitalising and enjoyable.

“Thank you both for the excellent field trip. The kids were happy, the teachers were thrilled!” Matt Schvaneveldt, Science Teacher and Trip Coordinator, International School of Trieste

IMG_1526Trip themes and topics

Below is a list of titles for our residential trips. Trips generally last between one and five nights. The age of the students determine the specific details of trip themes, activities as well as the level of academic content and learning objectives. The length of stay, season and weather conditions also factor into trip planning and location.

  • Discovering ecosystems and habitats
  • Amazing biodiversity field studies
  • The endangered European wolf; a case study
  • Exploring ecological networks
  • Journey into human evolution
  • Saving habitats through protected areas
  • Water resources and fresh water ecology
  • Alpine wilderness mountain adventure
  • Geological time and change in nature
  • Green art sojourn; creative expression inspired by nature
  • Immersion experiences in nature; wildlife studies and tracking

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mappaOur area
We are based 20 km east of Torino, in an area of densely wooded hills with rich ecology and spectacular views over the river Po plain and the Alps. The area has experienced little development and is a patchwork of woodland, small farms, vineyards and little villages with distinctive architecture and local traditions. Ancient woodlands, pristine streams, wildflower meadows and two protected areas (Parco del Po and Bosco del Vaj & Bosc Grand nature reserve) offer visitors a wide range of opportunities to explore and discover this hidden corner of Italy.

Protected area of Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime
This southern section of the Alpine chain is one of the last wildernesses in Europe. Its wide valleys, home to wolves, chamois, ibex, marmots and other mountain wildlife, rise to the high snow covered peaks where golden eagles and bearded vultures glide. The area is covered in beach, ash and larch forests with spectacular streams and waterfalls and lots of trails that enable visitors to hike into its remote valleys and high mountains.

We also work in Gran Paradiso National Park (Val Soana) and Valli di Lanzo, a series of long and steep sided valleys which have experienced little of the ski resort development that have modified large areas of the Alpine landscape. These valleys are great venues for hiking, rafting and exploring the range of Alpine ecosystems, experiencing their raw energy and spectacular mountain terrain.

Protected area of Parco delle Lame del Sesia (Vercelli)
This 900 hectar protected area near Vercelli is famous for its birdlife and aquatic ecosystems. The park has a selection of habitat types, open spaces and trail systems that make it an exciting place to carry out school programs. This park is only 60 km from Milano and 6 km from the exit of the autostrada A4 Milano-Torino, making it a convenient location for schools coming from Lombardia who want to enjoy day programs with us.

IMG_7313You can also choose trip themes from the large range of topics covered by our day programs, or create a multi-themed program in which subjects are ‘mix & matched’.

Optional extra activities
Below are some of the optional extra activities that we can arrange for schools during their residential trips with us:
Canoeing, white-water rafting, rock climbing, horse riding, mountain biking, traditional dance workshops, African percussion and dance workshops, honey, bread, cheese and wine making workshops

Summer camps
We offer summer camps to school groups who want to participate in fun, adventurous and educational outdoor activities in mountainous locations during the summer break. Contact us for more information.

How to organise a trip with us
1- Select location and decide trip length
2- Select trip theme
3- Contact us and we’ll provide you with a precise quote, give you details on booking procedures, discuss your schedule and help coordinating and organising all aspects of the trip.

“The quality and range of options presented was very good, and we found it easy to connect these with our curriculum outcomes…
The activities were well matched and thought provoking and the children were able to make strong connections between what they were experiencing in the field and the work we had already done in the classroom. It was certainly a very valuable addition to the way they think about habitats, ecosystems and biodiversity.
The way we were looked after was really way above our normal experience with school trips”.
Tim Rose,
Head of the Lower School of the International School of Torino