Wilderness encounter groups & Ecoliteracy Camps

These camps are designed to provide in depth ‘nature emersion’ experiences and unforgettable adventures in the wilderness. Students learn about the fundamentals of ecoliteracy (how to ‘read the landscape) and are introduced to some basic bushcraft skills. This is a unique opportunity for students to encounter the material and psychological challenges of survival in wild environments. It helps them to expand their horizons and develop new perspectives on life and gain insight about humanity and nature.
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Topics include;
•    Stalking & Tracking skills
•    Aidless Navigation & Orienteering
•    Wilderness Survival Essentials
•    Fire Craft
•    Hunter Gathering methods
•    Shelter Building
•    Bird Calls & Animal Signs
•    Ethnobotany (plant lore & heralism)
Groups can choose to camp* or be accommodated in mountain refuges. These trips take place in the mountains during the spring & summer months. They can work well as summer camps.

*Camping equipment can be arranged for groups