Ecowise evolved

This has been an incredible year of exploration, adventure and learning. I have been integrating a lot more storytelling and creativity in the activities I design for students and my teaching methods. I have been actively encouraging students to delve into their innate imaginative worlds and challenging them to see if they can express their ideas through dance, music and story. I have been amazed to witness this process and the magic that has been expressed as thousands of children release and share their inner power. As well as teaching about key environmental issues real world realities, I am increasingly mentoring students to connect to the stillness, space and potential of the present moment. Nature provides and infinite background for us to engage with our own greater selves and to connect. Birdsong, wind, rain, the play of light on the river can all bring them back into their censorial bodies and ground their minds. To be able to focus their attention and focus on where they are and what they are actually doing as they are doing it…. these are life skills children are loosing as their everyday experiences carry them off into virtual worlds and digital representations. Reality and truth and relationship are being left behind as our children are loosing themselves to devices, schedules and meaningless babble-chat. It’s such a privilege to have opportunities to provide a safe space where they can begin to reconnect to the real world, nature and themselves!