An inspirational 2016

An inspirational 2016

2016 has been an amazing year during which we have worked with all kinds of school groups exploring, learning and having fun.

Our trips have been extremely wide ranging and have been themed around such diverse subjects as; woodlands in science, history and the imagination; river geography; community and interconnectedness; geological change and time; ecology and evolution; the geography and spatial politics of immigration; the history and science of the river Po in Torino; conflict resolution and interpersonal relationships in class; biodiversity, evolution and mountain ecology; the geography of land use and settlement patterns; rural development and sustainable agriculture and green tourism.


All our trips are interdisciplinary and include subjects drawn from the natural sciences, humanities and the arts. Students have an opportunity to explore a curriculum theme in depth outdoors using various approaches that actively engage their minds, their bodies and their sensibilities. A strong emphasis is placed on creativity, storytelling, dance and drama. Students are encouraged to express themselves and engage their imaginative faculties; working together, sharing and communicating their experiences and insights with each other.


The overall idea is to bring a subject matter to life, so that students learn by developing their own connections and personal relationships to ideas and concepts that, perhaps sometimes come across to them as being boring and irrelevant. This engagement process helps to foster curiosity and playfulness and provides experiences that help students gain meaningful individual insights into their subjects of study and to become inspired learners.


We hope that these photos help share a sense of the fun and excitement that so many students have experienced over the last year. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support and we look forward to continue pushing the boundaries of learning and interconnectedness together into the future.  We hope that you have a relaxing and enjoyable the festive season and we wish you a happy, healthy and love filled New Year.

Season’s greetings and best wishes,


Adam and Yenka.