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  • IMG_4014

    Science, Ecology & Environment Field trips

    Learning is deepened when students get out of the classroom and immersed in the real world. Environmental issues and abstract ideas take on new meanings when students encounter living systems first hand. Ecowise tailored field…

  • IMG_9925

    Outdoor Service Education Projects

    Ecowise helps school groups to create service education projects focused on environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation. These activities are practical ways to explore ideas of citizenship and social responsibility and encourage students to think about…

  • IMG_2289

    Storytelling & Drama Experiences in Nature

    We all love to hear and tell stories. Stories connect us to the landscape, give meaning to our lives and provide a means of passing on knowledge, wisdom and behavioural norms in a cultural context….

  • IMG_7576

    Team Building & Wild Rites of Passage

    Experiences in nature can really help students to develop their communication skills and explore positive interpersonal relationships and healthy social interactions. These tailored trips are designed to foster positive group dynamics, develop class bonding and…

  • IMG_4030

    Mindfulness and Nature Awareness Workshops

    Students around the world are benefiting from being introduced to basic mindfulness practices during their school education. Mindfulness practices are simple methods to consciously connect with our body, spirit and mind in the present moment….

  • IMG_1731

    Wilderness encounter groups & Ecoliteracy Camps

    These camps are designed to provide in depth ‘nature emersion’ experiences and unforgettable adventures in the wilderness. Students learn about the fundamentals of ecoliteracy (how to ‘read the landscape) and are introduced to some basic…

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